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Fueled by the passion and experience of our dedicated consultants, TDC helps solve our clients' most pressing challenges day in and day out. From strategy to execution, our disciplined yet flexible approach starts and ends with our clients. By listening hard and working harder, their goals become our goals. Their success is our satisfaction.


Measurable & Sustainable

TDC consultants work with clients to deliver practical, measurable and sustainable results day in and day out. By helping clients make the right strategic decisions and implement the right solutions, the National Capital Region most respected organizations keep coming back to TDC.


Collaborative & Flexible

With long term industry experience, TDC consultants have the disciplined, yet flexible approach to seek out the right way for our clients, not just 'the' way. A collaborative and responsive approach to problem-solving inspires innovative and effective solutions. Our clients appreciate this approach since it means we are listening to their needs and exceeding their expectations time after time.


Passionate & Experienced

Ask any client who has worked with TDC and they will tell you the same thing: TDC consultants are personally committed to getting the job done regardless of the obstacles. Sure TDC consultants draw from a deep well of industry experience but it is their passion and dedication that garners extraordinary client loyalty.

Technology Managment

Our day begins with a nation counting on the services and consultation we provide. Our day ends with thousands benefiting from the work we do. We define quality service. We keep America's federal, state and local governments running strong. We personify the American Spirit through our technology management services.

TDC provides comprehensive project management expertise to various IT and Telecommunications initiatives. TDC Project Management expertise includes problem definition and requirements definition, as well as project tracking, costing, systematic reporting, and risk assessment. TDC Project Management experts work with clients to provide innovative solutions to complex IT and Telecommunications initiatives. TDC personnel apply proven analytical problem solving skills to ensure the success of our clients.

Better alignment of IT and business — At TDC our consultants integrate IT strategy with business strategy, this will increase the value that IT offers to your enterprise through greater innovation, risk management and operational integration.

Greater efficiency — Our portfolio of solutions helps control expenses while improving overall IT value. Enhanced IT credibility — We raise the credibility of IT throughout the organization by consistently delivering on-time and on-budget projects, meeting service level agreements and contributing to financial performance.

Improved Consensus-Building across the Enterprise — By actively involving and engaging executive management, you can gain support from the highest levels of the organization, allowing you to execute on your roadmap.

TDC wants to be your information security and information risk management partner and we have the expertise to assist you in virtually every stage of your IT development. Below is a list of some of our key information security services:

Network Security & Internet Connectivity Assessments
TDC will review the security strengths and vulnerabilities of your systems and internet connectivity...

Security Implementation Assistance
Many organizations' IT staff are likely to be stretched thin within their daily work...

External Penetration Testing
TDC will verify that your organization has properly secured your Internet-accessible systems from attack.

Internal Penetration Testing
TDC will provide you with an assessment of the security of your internal network from the prospective of an attacker...

Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery Planning (BCP/DRP)
TDC's BCP/DRP services effectively address the requirements of safety/security review, risk analysis, and business impact analysis...

Other Information Security Consulting
TDC also does a tremendous amount of customized consulting in areas such as policy development, wireless networks

Organizations frequently lack a clear understanding of how technology environments must adapt to meet ever-evolving business requirements. Today, telecommunications is often a complicated tangle of systems, platforms and applications, many of which have overlapping functionality, and are designed with varying standards. Efforts to connect them, or align them with a business process, have been a costly, time-consuming, risky endeavor. With companies worldwide under pressure to develop greater "business agility", technology vendors and analysts are praising the benefits of the "service oriented enterprise" -- business processes broken down into manageable and measurable components, supported by innovative technology, and treated as services by internal and external users.
Creating an agile telecommunication framework is not an end point; it is a journey. You need a comprehensive road map and detailed business cases so you can understand where your organization is in its evolution toward agility and what steps you must take to move forward. A robust and truly agile innovative technology architecture allows you to address all the challenges of your highly networked, constantly changing systems.
By applying the principles of telecommunications agility your organization can achieve entirely new levels of flexibility, standardization, cost-efficiency, speed to market, time to results and return on investment. You can also better position your organization to exploit emerging technologies as they become available.

Take command of your marketplace with innovative strategic planning that make a difference. TDC's strategic technology management consultation helps creates new business directives and applications, providing full lifecycle support through delivery. Proven processes and methodologies ensure a consistent environment for seamless, predictable delivery worldwide, reducing your development costs through leveraged resources.

Enabling employees, customers and partners. Controlling costs. Ensuring seamless connectivity. Maintaining data security. These are critical concerns for companies focused on maintaining a competitive edge in today's economy. Entrust your Web application development to TDC. We bring the right team to each engagement and apply proven methodologies designed to reduce risk and deliver top-quality results. From assessment to design, implementation and production, TDC supports all aspects of the your application development and security requirements.

The technology industry is driven by constant innovation and rapid change. However, many high–tech companies are falling behind their competition in the race to bring unique products and services to market. Whether it's the challenge of managing a global supply chain; gaining a better understanding of customers and their needs; or collaborating on new products, high–tech companies need practical, innovative solutions, tailored for their needs that will help them compete more intelligently and effectively.

Information technology leaders are increasingly pressed to do more, do it faster and do it at a lower cost. You can no longer rely on an influx of money and people to get better results. New regulatory mandates, such as Sarbanes–Oxley and other privacy regulations, pose a further strain on limited IT funds and resources.

What's required are new approaches to deliver higher levels of strategic value to the organization at lower cost. The goal is to fully use your technology efforts and align IT with your company's enterprise strategy.

Our IT Strategy and Transformation Solutions are designed to help you increase the value your IT organization provides the enterprise. We help you identify, articulate and gain executive management consensus and work with you to define the right alignment between IT and business. Once alignment is reached, we can help identify opportunities to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness and create blueprints to set the strategy and transform IT.

TDC offers short term and long term professional staff augmentation support; such as Certified Systems Engineers, Programmers, and other IT specialists. In addition to servicing the IT requirements, TDC can also place office automation and support staff as needed. Staffing requirements are submitted per the customer's need, and matched for cohesiveness by TDC's Technical Recruiting Staff.

With global expertise in strategy and leadership, organization and change management, operations, innovation, sales and marketing, and information technology, TDC brings the full strength of our integrated capabilities to the table for every client, regularly helping clients in one sector or industry adopt successful ideas from another.
TDC is able to share with our state, local and federal government clients the benefit of commercial best practices from our work in the Telecommunication and IT Technology industries, while our commercial clients profit from the public-sector expertise we’ve developed working on challenges of a scale and complexity only governments address.

Because TDC transcends the telecommunication consulting industry's conventional categories, we are able to bring together the public and private sectors to tackle some of the most profound challenges of this century, issues too complex for either sector to handle on its own. We are the one firm locally to go to for solving the problems that span the two spheres in such rapidly evolving areas such as Public Safety, Homeland Security, and Telecommunications.

TDC approaches customer service issues for our clients from a customer-centric view by understanding how the customer wishes to interact with our client; then TDC designs and builds a comprehensive solution that accommodates these channels of communications.

Through our information network, we are able to combine web communications, email, soft-skills training, and common desktop interface for our clients. Our customer service strategy is to help our clients promote and represent themselves on a personal level through top quality customer service skills. The main focus for this strategy is training and implementation techniques, which foster effective customer interaction and problem resolution.

Keeping pace with today's business demands requires significant and sustained effort. IT solutions that once drove the business are now straining under limited functionality. Yet many IT organizations struggle to meet aggressive deadlines because they lack the breadth and quality of resources skilled in the right technologies. What's needed is additional professional training to guide and supplement your in-house resources, adding real value to the business. TDC has been providing certified training for clients in the telecommunication and technology industries with great success.

Public Safety

TDC develops vital emergency preparedness response systems, providing support equipment and secure emergency communications systems integrated on a national level. We are also developing a secure, interoperable nationwide wireless communications network for federal and state emergency management agencies.


First responders' lives rely on fail safe, dependable integrated communications systems. TDC is a leader in providing and integrating complex, mission-critical public safety systems. We partner with public safety agencies to deliver systems engineering and integration expertise in consolidated emergency communication and dispatch systems that incorporate the latest digital communications and

information processing technologies.

We deploy security systems, integration and network management, information technology, and professional services for the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), 9-1-1 call centers, command centers, and crisis management centers across the U.S. We are a leader in the field of public safety systems and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solutions.

TDC is a pioneer in secure wireless communications. We integrate this rapidly changing technology into public safety systems to expand flexibility and mobility. Our secure wireless solutions are dramatically improving emergency response times and the free flow of real-time information among law enforcement, fire, and emergency services operations across the nation and around the globe. Our customers rely on us to design, procure, and implement voice and data radio networks, sites, towers, RF infrastructure equipment, microwave backbones, fiber optic networks, and emergency and administrative telephone systems.

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Homeland Security

Supporting the Department of Homeland Security’s central mission to minimize damage and recovery from any future terrorist attack or natural disaster, TDC is a leading consultant for training and simulation systems to a variety of municipal governments. Our technologies are applicable to federal, state, and local emergency management and response requirements.

Our primary mission is to help our clients prevent, protect against, and respond to acts of terrorism, nationwide and globally. Every organization faces numerous potential threats to its short term and long term survival. Risk management and compliance mandates can create opportunities for companies to fulfill the fundamental business needs of the organization for better information, to make business processes more efficient and effective, and promote successful execution of corporate strategy as it relates to security. Comprehensive risk management can even be a strategic differentiator, enabling a company to pursue strategies with inherently more risk and, therefore, more return.

Municipal Solutions

TDC’s technologies manage business processes for government agencies around the world. By integrating the very best in process transformation, human capital management, legislative and public policy expertise, TDC assists municipalities to realize efficiencies and enhancements in service delivery and quality, freeing their leadership to focus on mission projects and outcomes.

At TDC, we help CEOs create a clear picture of the marketplace and define their strategic direction. Our technology management consultants work to help clarify issues, refine ideas, and give shape to municipal solutions. Our strength comes from our ability to understand a broader perspective – to look at markets and trends, at competition and customers, at the organization itself – and use that understanding to ensure successful implementation and future direction.

The process builds a plan and approach that can help CEOs ensure that their company's strategy
results in actions and accountabilities. TDC is positioned to assist your company to realize this potential
in a dynamic and changing marketplace.

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