Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA)

In the fall of 2008, TDC began assisting the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) with its migration from an outdated Novell environment to a Microsoft environment. TDC is currently involved in the deployment of Microsoft software and compatible hardware to all of Metro's 5,000+ users. Since the inception of the PC Deployment project, TDC has provided exceptional technical support and project management to WMATA. TDC's personnel have one of the lowest attrition rates of vendors whose technicians are contributing to the Microsoft Migration Project. Since it began participating in the project, TDC has been responsible for creating and maintaining the project plan and schedule, assigning and delegating tasks, creating project processes and procedures, and overall management of the project and its personnel. Last reported, TDC success was 99.7% with 83% of the project completed as follows:

• 850 workstations replaced
• 1000 workstations with hardware upgrades
• 2200 software installs
• 3000 machines attached to the domain
• 3000 users attached to Active Directory and converted to Outlook

Some Of Our Project Highlights

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